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[Mouse]: move with your cursor, click to attack
[Keyboard]: move with WASD or arrow keys, SPACE to attack
Keep attack pressed longer to focus and make a special dash attack


Have you ever wanted to be a pirate and rule the islands? Yohoho.io allows you to do this. You become a pirate and have to eliminate other pirates and try to increase the size.
You have a great ability to speed up your piracy. Collect gold coins you move around and try to avoid dangerous areas - if you fall in there you will suffer damage. Can you become the scariest pirate?
Yohoho.io Game New opportunity to fight in Battle Royale style. This time, your character is a real pirate. In the Pirate Battle Royale io game, you need to collect gold and fight. What's new is that the more coins a pirate will collect, the stronger it becomes.

Playground is an sunken island. There are many treasures. They are hidden in chests. Coins are scattered throughout the island. Many pirates want to possess gold. So you have enough opponents. Remember that the island is drowning. Escape the red strip.

How to play

Once on the island Yohoho start looking for gold. It will make you stronger. For coins you can buy a new skin. Be vigilant during combat. Even a small opponent can defeat you. Three strikes on your character are enough. Block attacks to survive.
Keep an eye on the edge of the island. The part that goes to the bottom will become red. Do not have time to leave the red territory-lose. Attack enemies. You must remain the only winner in Pirate Battle Royale.
* Collect doubloons to get bigger * Kill other players to collect their booty

Start Yohoho.io

When starting the Pirate Battle Royale game, your pirates don't have much power. Look for gold. It can be in a chest. It is also scattered around the island. Gold remains the same after an opponent is killed. You must gain strength.
Now you are big and strong. Attack the remaining pirates. Take away their treasure. In Yohoho.io you can defeat even the strongest opponent. You have to attack suddenly and hit many times. Remember that you must defeat everyone. There will be only one pirate on the island. Try to be him.

Contact: dev@yohoho.io



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