Pill Soccer
    Pill Soccer is a fun 2 player soccer game in which you control 3D pill characters. Dimension 1024x600 Played 219 times
Soccer Masters: Euro 2020
    Soccer Masters Euro 2020 is a fun soccer game. UEFA Euro 2020 is coming. In this game, you can play as your favorite team and compete against other teams in challenging soccer matches; solo or together with your friends. Show your best ball kicking moves! The gameplay is simple, and the graphics and sound effects give the game a great atmosphere. Dimension 1024x600 Played 17 times
4th and Goal 2020
    Get ready for the BIG Game! This 2020 version of 4th and Goal offers new plays like Red-Zone passes. Watch your wide receivers shake the DBs and get in the Endzone! Onside kicks, stats, and Hall of Fame mode should keep you on your toes. Don't forget, no punts or field goals...treat every play like it's 4th-and-goal! Dimension 1024x600 Played 32 times
Wheelie Bike 2
    The goal is to make a wheel as many meters as possible. The controls are very simple, just throttle and brake. The longer the wheel and jumps, the bigger the bonus! Be careful, you will not fall in the middle when making a wheel, otherwise you will not receive money. By making money, you can tailor your bike to make it even better. You can also buy new bikes and earn extra money to adjust your bike or to open a new level! Keeping your front wheel in the air requires good balance and nerves of steel! Drive fast and make big jumps you earn air bonus! Featured: - Twelve levels in Mountain, Desert, Snow and Grand Canyon - Six different bikes - Money earned from meters making wheels - Making wheels in a long distance earns bonuses - Make a wheel jump to earn air bonuses - Money can improve the speed, tire, lightness and strength of your bike
    Play - Tactical space strategy domination game!
    Play - Fast-paced, frantic, bouncy soccer game! It is a multiplayer games!
12 MiniBattles
    12 MiniBattles is an interesting multiplayer game where you and a friend can play together on many different games. This physics style game has different types of games that you can play randomly including a soccer match and sniper war. All different games have a one-button control system that makes them easy to play for maximum fun. This addictive game will keep you and a friend entertained for hours. Play all the games and spend hours to make better friends. Have fun and win every game! 12 MiniBattles is the second runner-up in the CrazyGames Developer 2018 competition. The jury of three independent game experts love to set up 2 players and play diverse with retro graphics. "The party game is a hit or miss, this game is a hit. The concepts are well done and I really like the fast-paced and single-button input of the game."
Basketball Skills
    Basketball skills are basketball games in which you have to try to score in all the different game modes available. You can play arcade, time attack and remote mode. Arcade mode gives you 10 balls to use; You have to keep scoring even though it gets harder every time you score. Time attack mode requires you to record as many baskets within the time limit as possible; You have unlimited balls but time is limited. Distance mode allows you to increase your shooting distance each time you score. The distance decreases every time you miss a shot, don't let the distance reach 0; If not, it is game over. Good luck!
Basketball Fury
    Dribble like an NBA pro with Basket Fury by! Select your team and a game mode and start winning match after match. Start tournaments or just play a quick match against your best friend or the CPU
World Cup 1 On 1
    Play another thrilling 1 on 1 soccer tournament. Choose your team and defeat other participants in the World Cup 1on1 soccer game. Much fun!
    Basketballs is an addictive sports game made by Turbo Nuke. Throw basketballs into the basket as fast as you can. You need to score in every basket to finish a level. Hit refrees for 5 seconds bonus time. Much Fun!
World Cup Foosball
    Join the ultimate World Cup action in foosball! In this thrilling table soccer tournament you can choose from 40 National teams as you select the formation. Just move your player in the direction you want to kick the ball. Play this special foosball edition either in single player or 2-player mode. Have fun!
iStunt 2
    iStunt 2 is an addictive snowboard game developed by Miniclip. Hit the slopes, do tricks and stunts and have fun while snowboarding downhill.
Cannon Basketball
    Get the basketball into the basket in this fun physics-based sports game. Aim with your awesome cannon to shoot the ball in the right direction. The faster you are the higher your score. Enjoy Cannon Basketball.
Super Sports Heads Football
    SUPER SPORTS HEADS FOOTBALL is the latest installment to the fun-addicting physics-based soccer game. Choose your super sporty football player and control him on the way to glory. To win the tournament you have to score more goals than the other sporty head can do. Much fun!
1 on 1 Soccer
    1 on 1 Soccer is an addictive football game for 2 player made by Adam Wardle. Choose your country and play against a friend or the computer in a fast-paced 1 on 1 soccer game. Enjoy!
Flick Headers Euro 2012
    Play the Euro 2012 in this fun-addicting soccer headball game, which crazily contains elements of volleyball. The option is simple, choose your favourite team and shoot the football with you head over the net into your opponents field. Move and jump around and perform some cool flick on headers. Earn more points than the others and try to win all matches. Enjoy Flick Heads Euro 2012.
Football Legends: Valentine Edition
    Love is in the air. At least in this Football Legends: Valentine Edition. Here, all those soccer heroes look like little winged Cupids with arrow and bow. Choose one player and get ready to go back on the field to play through this heartwarming soccer game. Much fun!
Football Legends 2016
    The fabulous Football Legends 2016 are ready to play a game of soccer with you. Choose your desired gods of soccer and make some awesome goals to win the tournament in this epic sports game. Much fun!
Gareth Bale Head Football
    Real Madrid soccer star Gareth Bale is ready to improve your head football qualities. Try to keep the ball in balance whilst bouncing up and down. Your objective in the skill game Gareth Bale Head Football is to score points by hitting several parts of the body. Much fun!