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Short Life


 Left and right arrow keys to move
Up arrow to jump or stand up
Down arrow to crouch


Short Life game - interesting physics platform game. Short Life is a great platform game with a unique twist. In the game, you control a ragdoll and try to guide him through a series of different levels. This may sound common sense, but you also have to guide him safely without hurting or knocking out any of his limbs! The game has 16 exciting levels to complete and you can gain star ratings for each level.
When playing this game, watch out for deadly traps. At the first level of this action game, for example, our hero must dodge a fixed moving arm with spikes. Moreover, there was a pipe structure that shot an arrow right above his head. Move carefully and follow the instructions in the game too.
As levels evolve, our characters encounter new and imaginative obstacles and traps such as rolling barrels and explosive mines.
Watch out for different obstacles in each level. You must avoid contact with spikes, jump over mines and search for other devastating traps. Different traps will cause unimaginable harm to your hero - such as mines, will blow your character into small pieces! This game requires great time and reflexes and is a great fun!


127 times

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