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Scrap Metal 3: Infernal Trap


arrows, mouse = work with obstacles
1 ... 8 = views
t = slow motion
shift = clutch
i = inventory
l = lights
space = handbrake
enter = reset car
r = repair car


Looking for Scrap metal 3? Then you are here! Sit back comfortably, cancel all that you have planned, and just enjoy. The third sequel to the Scrap Metal game just came out with everything we love. Except for classic freedom, you can expect a huge map, on which we adjust the terrain to the last detail, so that the terrain can become a major challenge for driving in a Of the four cars, there are driving models that correspond to their true counterparts, and so, for example, just a free ride up the mountain will be a really tough battle between cars and nature. course. However, it has become a tradition that you appear on flat clay surfaces, where you can simply press forward, go and test the characteristics of various vehicles on obstacles that You can build and adjust to your liking. The second option is towards the mountains and begin to explore the diversity of the gaming world and enjoy a model of free and realistic destruction. Scrap Metal 3 builds on the idea of ??a completely free forerunner and the whole series goes one step forward


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