2D Car Parking
    2D Car Parking is a driving game, where the main goal is to park a car. This game uses view from up in 2D perspective. Physics are realistic and player needs to calculate every move. Perfectly and precisely parked car is a sign of every good driver. And of course on the other hand, doing a bad job at parking is one of the most embarrassing things. Our thirty parking challenges will test your parking skills, and if you pass our training test, you will earn our respect. No matter whether you are a professional driver or just a weekend casual, training is crucial at every stage of your racing "career". Drive patiently to the highlighted spot without hitting any objects, and watch out for the time limit. Have fun. Dimension 1024x600 Played 54 times
Stickman Fighting 3D
    It is time to fight. Choose your favorite stickman and perform awesome combos to take the opponents down! Release Date December 2016 (Android) August 2017 (iOS) November 2019 (WebGL) Developer Yuriy Nikshych made this game. Check out the developer's another cool game in Stickman Simulator: Final Battle. Platforms Web browser Android iOS More information this Game Time for the stickmen to fight! Choose from many 3D characters, and kill your enemy! 3D graphics and locations Realistic 3D physics Hours of fighting fun! Many 3D stickmen: normal, zombie, demon, cyber, kyle Become a stick champion! Get revenge on your enemies! Music: CzySzy:Paul-ter-Voorde-vsZombies DiePflanze:Fighting-Loop Hanupo:Glitch-Bot Dimension 1024x600 Played 60 times
Emperors on Ice
    Emperors on Ice is an interesting physics game about penguins. Ice is melting in the polar regions - this is causing devastation for penguins and threatening their sanctuary! You are a commander of penguins and must try to protect their lands. Shoot down any unwanted opponents from the sky and make sure you buy various upgrades to improve your defenses. Can you save penguins and preserve their habitats?
Drift Hunters
    Drift Hunters is an awesome 3D car driving game in which you score points by drifting various cars. These points earn you money, that you can spend to upgrade your current car or buy a new one. The game stands out because of its realistic drifting physics and its various driving environments.
12 MiniBattles
    12 MiniBattles is an interesting multiplayer game where you and a friend can play together on many different games. This physics style game has different types of games that you can play randomly including a soccer match and sniper war. All different games have a one-button control system that makes them easy to play for maximum fun. This addictive game will keep you and a friend entertained for hours. Play all the games and spend hours to make better friends. Have fun and win every game! 12 MiniBattles is the second runner-up in the CrazyGames Developer 2018 competition. The jury of three independent game experts love to set up 2 players and play diverse with retro graphics. "The party game is a hit or miss, this game is a hit. The concepts are well done and I really like the fast-paced and single-button input of the game."
Short Life
    Short Life game - interesting physics platform game. Short Life is a great platform game with a unique twist. In the game, you control a ragdoll and try to guide him through a series of different levels. This may sound common sense, but you also have to guide him safely without hurting or knocking out any of his limbs! The game has 16 exciting levels to complete and you can gain star ratings for each level. When playing this game, watch out for deadly traps. At the first level of this action game, for example, our hero must dodge a fixed moving arm with spikes. Moreover, there was a pipe structure that shot an arrow right above his head. Move carefully and follow the instructions in the game too. As levels evolve, our characters encounter new and imaginative obstacles and traps such as rolling barrels and explosive mines. Watch out for different obstacles in each level. You must avoid contact with spikes, jump over mines and search for other devastating traps. Different traps will cause unimaginable harm to your hero - such as mines, will blow your character into small pieces! This game requires great time and reflexes and is a great fun!
Free Flight Simulation
    To fly in the real world, you need to complete an aviation course, which means long training hours and many hours including the theoretical knowledge of flight. With our Free Flight Sim game, you can forget about this boring stuff because we move right away to the fun part, to fly by ourselves. Join our specially tuned light propeller plane with realistic physics and fly to the sky! Fly a plane and explore different places and gaps between rocks that only real people can pass through. To start the aircraft, press and hold the "i" key while adjusting the engine power with your up and down keys. Become the king of the sky, perform many flips and twists, fly around hills and look for hidden treasures!
Max Dirt Bike
    Description Max Dirt Bike is a smart physics action game that puts your dexterity and puzzle muscles to the test. You drive your dusty car across the mountains of rivers and abyss. Good balance for you to land with 2 wheels, not with your head or face. You should remember: There is no hill you cannot climb, there is no slope you cannot overcome, no valley you do not dominate if you master the art of spinning, balancing on brink, charging hills and brakes when situations require it. Play games with infinity screens at
Mini Putt
    Description Mini Putt HTML5 is a physics game. Mini Putt is a flash game on your computer and transferred to HTML5 games for all devices. By all means you have to put the ball in the hole! Good luck! Play games with infinity screens at
Kitten Cannon
    Description Description Are you a cat fan? If yes, it is best not to play this game: D. Kitten Cannon HTML5 is a fun physics game. You hate cats and want to throw them in the bush, there's an idea to stuff it into a cannon and shoot it where you want. The farther the better, the more places where there are many snakes, demons, stinking dust. Please teach the cat a hateful lesson. having fun! Play games with infinity screens at
Snail Bob 2
    Snail Bob 2 is another cool physics puzzle game made by Hunter Hamster. A dangerous forest stands between Snail Bob and his Grandpa. Friv 2016
Cannon Basketball
    Get the basketball into the basket in this fun physics-based sports game. Aim with your awesome cannon to shoot the ball in the right direction. The faster you are the higher your score. Enjoy Cannon Basketball.
Super Sports Heads Football
    SUPER SPORTS HEADS FOOTBALL is the latest installment to the fun-addicting physics-based soccer game. Choose your super sporty football player and control him on the way to glory. To win the tournament you have to score more goals than the other sporty head can do. Much fun!
Angry Bee
    Angry Bee is a funny physics-based puzzle game made by Ravalmatic and inspired by Bloons. Aim of the game is to take down all yellow honeycombs with as less bullets as possible. Aim and shoot with your mouse. Angry Bee - Enjoy!
Puppet Soccer Champions
    Use your money to sign up a puppet football champ from your favourite club and win the UEFA Champions League in this fun physics-based one vs. one sports game. In each stage of Puppet Soccer Champions you must defeat your opponent by shooting more goals than him. Much fun!
Mad Burger 3
    Finally, the long awaited third episode of the fun physics-based distance game has arrived: Mad Burger 3! Join the Wild West and help the chef to make a tasty burger and toss it to the sheriff, who is about 100 km far away. With each delivery attempt you should try to break all records for distance to gain money for upgrades. Much fun!
Snail Bob 8
    Snail Bob 8: Island Story is another physics-based puzzle game with the lazy sluggard Bob. Help Bob the Snail back home from the island full of puzzles and surprise!
Piggy in the Puddle 2
    Round two of the cute physics-based puzzle game. The little, pink pig wants to plash again. Get it into the puddle! Remove items, roll and swing to pass obstacles as you use piggy's helpful animal friends to reach the aim in each stage of Piggy in the Puddle 2. Much fun!
Piggy Wiggy 3
    Poor piggy is so hungry! Help it to get to the tasty nuts in Piggy Wiggy 3, the latest installment of the cute physics-based puzzle game. Draw a connection between the hungry pig and a flower in order to pull it up to the nut. Much fun!
Soccer Ragdoll Juggling
    Get the ultimate juggle training now! In this crazy football game with ragdoll physics you have to control a dummy to get the soccer ball over the field. Practise again and again to get a good feel for the ball to earn a high score in Soccer Ragdoll Juggling. Much fun!