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Mad Andreas Town Mafia Storie


ASDW = move
MOUSE = shoot
1, 2 = weapons
SPACE = jump
E = interaction
P = pause
V = switch car camera


You woke up after a horrible night. You don't know if it's really terrible or if you drank too much with your friends. You don't remember anything, you just had a black hole sucking all the memories of the night before. It is a bit worried for you and you want to find out what happened. But the day cannot begin without good food. Head to the center where the stalls stand with your favorite burgers and ice cream. Then met my friend Joe and went to work. You help the rich in their criminal games. It does not bother you. It is important that you have money. Try, outside of normal work, to take care of the evidence of the night before. What happened? The game is inspired by the famous Grand Theft Auto game series. Perform missions, buy weapons and drive in the city in a stolen car.


104 times

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