Back to Alien Party
    In this funny game you have to support an extraterrestrial creature, who wants return to home for a big fete. So launch its spaceship and try to collect as much money as possible. Enjoy Back to Alien Party.
Fruit Defense 3
    Your garden is in danger.. Again! Start your pest control right now and protect your property from hungry crawlers trying to plunder your crops. Buy various plants and drop them on your ground to fight against incoming waves of enemies. Aim of Fruit Defense 3 is stop them all before they can enter. Much fun!
Johnny Rocketfingers
    Meet suppish guy Johnny Rocketfingers at the local bar and help him to solve a thrilling case of a missing girl. Because the bad ass detective has some-decision making problems it's up to you to choose Johnny Rocketfingers' answers and actions wisely. Much fun!
Beat the Zombie!
    Greedy undeads seeking for fresh brains run over your town. Grab your axe and chop one of them by tapping the screen repeatedly. Earn money and make upgrades to increase your damage rate. Your goal is to beat the zombie until his energy bar is empty! Much fun!
Cobra Squad 3
    Welcome to the third installment of the thrilling war strategy game series. In Cobra Squad 3 you have to lead your military elite to victory using different types of soldiers, tactical maneuvers and brutal weapons. Try to strike down all waves of enemies to protect your land from invading squads. Much fun.
Extreme Trucks 3
    Extreme Trucks 3 is a popular truck racing game developed by WitchHut. Aim of the game is to drive an extreme truck as fast as you can and to beat a ghost truck. Use arrow keys to control your truck and see if you can make it through all the levels. Good luck!
Coaster Racer 3
    Coaster Racer 3 by Longanimals is here. In the third installment of the fun-addicting racing game you can challenge your opponents in a buggy or a bike or a F3 machine. Race your favourite upgradeable vehicle as fast as you can along the wild coaster tracks. Have fun.
    Heru is an addictive match-3 puzzle game inspired by marble lines. Aim and shoot with your mouse to group marbles of the same color. Make a chain of at least 3 marbles of the same color to destroy them. Press SPACEBAR to change the color of the upcoming marble. Enjoy Heru!