3 Little Heroes
    Choose one of the 3 Little Heroes and travel through the kingdom either as an archer, a swordsman or a bomber. Your mission is to free one of the castles from evil contemporaries. But note, your enemies occupying the ground of three more castles, so save your hero's strength. Much fun!
Ayo the Hero
    Ayo the Hero was ordered by the king to retrieve the magical orb. Join him on this adventuresome mission and help the brave buddy to roll hazard-free through the dark underground. Use crates to pass deadly spikes and other traps as you try to reach the end of each stage alive. Much fun!
Caesar's Day Off
    Rule the Roman World another day, Caesar! Today, you are on vacation! And this is why you should do whatever you like in this silly game by Major Bueno. To interact with your environment you just have to move your big thumb up or down. Never forget, it's Caesar's Day Off! Much fun!
Zombie Rescue Time
    You neither have that much time nor chances to save the lifes of the poor humans from the zombie brute. Click on boxes and wooden blocks to bring the people on the ground safely as you do the same action with the undeads. But take care, that they won't touch the humans. Or the Zombie Rescue Time is over. Much fun!
Guard of the Kingdom
    As the Guard of the Kingdom you have to face hordes of enemies who march into the royal palace to overturn the king and take the reins. Use your budget to hire guardians with different skills and place them wisely in the building to destroy all invaders who get tougher with every round. Much fun!