Stunt Monster 3D
    Perform the craziest stunts in the frantic Sunt Monster 3D game. Jump above helicopters and fire making different kinds of tricks and finish perfectly to get a better score. Earn money to buy better trucks and try to master every leve
3D Quad Bike Racing
    Em um cenário totalmente 3D, se prepare para acelerar muito e vencer corridas cheias de adrenalina contra diversos adversários, tomando cuidado com curvas e com o terreno todo desnivelado.
Crystal Story 2
    Once the kingdom Crystalia was a beautiful place, but when the evil with Rita stole the holy crystal everything and everybody was doomed. Play this epic RPG adventure Crystal Story 2 and lead your hero through the forsaken kingdom. During the whole trip you have to face dangerous monsters and fight against them as you try to find hidden treasures and gain new weapons and skills. Much fun!
Royal Squad
    Royal Squad is a medieval defense game made by Idengames. Choose and position your squad members, utilizing each of their unique skills and fight against armies of zmbies!
Bloody Harry
    A mutated virus has infected all food of head chef Harrys kitchen. And the once mellow city is now overrun by creepy, bloodthirsty creatures. Armed to the teeth our hero wants to put up a fierce fight and destroy those monsters to the last breath. This is where you come into the game: Help Bloody Harry to move through the street, get in rage and fight off loads of enemies and their bosses to level up as you constantly collect coins, weapons and other bonuses which you need to survive the battle. Much fun!
Miami Drift
    Are you in need of some fast-paced drifting action? Customize your car and choose a track to start your challenge in the racing game Miami Drift! Try to drive as fast as you can around te tracks as you avoid to hit obstacles. Much fun!
Cubikill 5
    Your boss sabotages your vacation plans? Don't let it happen to you! Yeah, I know, you are overworked and under-vacationed, but you have enough power left to get the rage mod. Run through the office and destroy everything around you and attack stupid co-workers using the arrow keys. Save some dino-coins to increase your arsenal of mean attacks in Cubikill 5! Much fun!
Trollface Quest 13
    Do you hate happy endings? Then Trollface Quest 13 is your game! Today is not a lucky day for the little stickman, because our beloved Trollface loves deadly jokes. Can you survive Friday 13th? Time to troll!
3 Little Heroes
    Choose one of the 3 Little Heroes and travel through the kingdom either as an archer, a swordsman or a bomber. Your mission is to free one of the castles from evil contemporaries. But note, your enemies occupying the ground of three more castles, so save your hero's strength. Much fun!
Stick Squad 4
    Stick squad agents, Damien Walker and Ron Hawking face a new mission. They are sent out to England to find and stop "The Deadly Seven", who have reportedly hacked the database of giant StickBook. Help the Q.S.I.'s best men to track down the bad guys and kill 'em all in Stick Squad 4, the fourth episode of the popular shooting game. Have fun!
Formula Fever
    Ready for a quick race? Get the Formula Fever by playing this fun top-down racing game. Just choose your favourite car and pick a track to begin. Drift along the curves and pick up coins as you speed through each course trying to overtake all rival racer to win this thrilling formula race. Much fun!
Call of Sword
    Become the ultimate warrior and save the day by protecting a magical sword at all costs. Call of Sword is a fast-paced action platform game, in which you have to run, jump, climb and swing around, dodge deadly traps and use your sword to hack and slash through the hostile Sniffers as you keep an eye out for new weapons. Much fun!
Death Cabin
    Can you survive in the Death Cabin? In this cool pixel shooting game you have to defend your life against hordes of undead red enemies. But no worries, you are not completely unarmed. From time to time you will receive a weapon with which you can shoot the reds. Avoid to die as you try to make your way out of the Death Cabin. Much fun!
Monster Trucks Rampage
    Your true destruction and driving skills are needed to clear all levels of the fierce racing game Monster Trucks Rampage. Your objective is to reach the end of each track as fast as possible as you steer your mighty vehicle over ramps, beams and other obstacles. Try to destroy some other cars around but be careful, don't lose the balance or you will crash and have to start over the Monster Trucks Rampage. Much fun!
Monster Destroy Things
    Soo, you like to demolish stuff just for the fun of it? Dude, you might be a monster, because monster destroy things! In this funny pixel creation for Ludum Dare 33 you have to damage as much objects as you can within 80 seconds. Run through the rooms of the big house and dash furniture, mirrors and other things as you try to raze the garden to the ground, too. Have fun!
Battle Golf
    Awesome, but challenging 2-player golf game in which you can battle your best pal on the golfing course. Your goal is to set the perfect angle to shoot the ball with superb precision into the hole. You can play Battle Golf in single mode, too. Either you fight against the hard-boiled AI or you challenge your skills in the time attack mode. Have fun!
Specter Knight
    Hey Specter Knight, in a world without need of heroes, a darkness threatens the living. Your legend now long forgotten and your spirit cursed to forever remain in the halls of your final battle. Will you return to the world of the living one last time? Enjoy Specter Knight!
Fruit Defense 5
    Think about, what can you do to protect your garden fruits from greedy parasites? Right, you will need some powerful weapons! Use your money to purchase some turrets and place them in the garden to stop invaders before they can eat your crop. Much fun!
Parking Lot 3
    You've got three minutes to drive your tiny car through the city and park it correct into the right lot in the third installment of the addicting top-down parking game. Try to dodge all obstacles as you avoid any scratches on your vehicle or you will lose in Parking Lot 3. Much fun!
Super Sports Surgery: Basketball
    Dude, are you a sausage or what?! No one will believe, that you are somebody else than a doctor in the Super Sports Surgery: Basketball simulation. Somehow the whole team got injured during the last basketball match and you are obviously the only one who can help them. Take care of the janitor's cutting damages, repair his broken arm and operate the player on several parts of their bodies. Much fun!