Description is an epic combination of and sea monsters. You control an epic sea dragon that needs to grow bigger and dominate the entire sea. How To Play is a competitive snake-inspired game. You play a mythical monster living in depths of seas, fighting for survival among others of its kind. Devour aquatic beings (fish, plankton orbs) to grow longer and larger. The greater your mass is, the greater threat you are to other sea dragons. Fulfill quests to earn new cards presenting different sea dragon species. The controls are simply: Move your mouse cursor to lead your dragon’s direction, Click or hold Left Mouse Button to sprint. Just remember - sprinting reduces your mass. Use it wisely. Your body’s length is key to survival. The longer you are, the wider are your possibilities on getting other dragons in a trap. But be careful - regardless of mass you achieve, avoid colliding your head with others’ bodies. Single impact means defeat. Collect cards to unlock new species and level up owned ones. The higher is level of your favourite dragon, the longer body you start with. Features High-quality graphics Level and evolution system Many type of sea dragons to be unlocked Achievement section Categorization GamesBx >> Monster >> Developer by Night Steed Games Update Oct - 2019 Platforms Web browser Play Mode Normal | Large | Full Screen More Information About this Game Dimension 1300x600 Played 105 times Tags DRAGDRAGONGROWIOJUEGOS SLITHER IOMONSTEROCEANSEAWATERSNAKEFIGHTCARAVOIDFISHCATEARNCARDFIGHTINGMOUSEHEADSTARPLATFORMMOVEUNLOCKEDSURVIVALCLICKLEVELPETROLLBOXEVENESISHCOLLECTCOMBINATIONBOWART Game Added Oct 31 2019
VIP Spades
    Description Play VIP Spades, the HTML5 social card game! Choose between various game modes like Pairs, Solo and Mirror or enjoy other social features and the community. The classic Pairs mode consists of four players separated in two teams. The game is played with a complete deck of 52 cards where spades are always the trump suit. The team who reaches 200 points first wins. Train your Spades skills and try to earn a spot on the leaderboards or play just for fun and make new friends - it's all up to you!
Pirate Cards
    Description In this rogue-like card game you play as a brave pirate captain exploring a far-away island full of dangers and treasures. The rules are simple: you can move one step right, left, up or down on the board until you run out of life points. To survive as long as possible, you need the right strategy and plan your moves ahead. Shoot cannons, drink elixirs, collect shields and coins and be careful when you smash a barrel as it can contain both helpful and nasty surprises. Defeat bosses to upgrade your hero and open treasure chests by completing a mini game. Unlock new characters and buy boosters before each round which can give you a decisive advantage!
Solitaire Story - TriPeaks
    Description Solitaire Story - TriPeaks is a card games, casino games! At you will play games with big screen!
Teen Patti Gold
    Description Teen Patti Gold is an Indian Poker game, you connect and play with millions of players around the world! You can choose any language like English, Vietnamese, Chinese ... etc. Cool Features: ♦ Play online with your friends. ♦ Play in your language Choose between English, Hindi, Gujrati and Marathi. ♦ Variations: Play 3rd Card Joker variation. More variations added regularly. ♦ New interface is easier than ever: Teen Patti has never looked this good with stylish, and realistic game experience. ♦ Chat and Gift: Fast chat and exciting gifts make the game lots of fun to play with other players. ♦ Private Room: Play with your friends in the privacy of your own table.
UNO Online
    Description This online version of the popular UNO card game ensures that you can now play your favorite card game whenever you want! As you know, the goal is to remove your card before your opponent does. When you have only one card left, don't forget to press the UNO button! Uno is a registered trademark of Mattel. Don't forget to buy physical games if you like this online version!
Kitten Raiders
    Ooh no! The heavily armed cats are on the way to invade your base! And there is only one way to protect it by defeating all waves of Kitten Raiders. Click the deck for a set of cards, choose a turret to defend your property from the badass attackers. Much fun!
Frenzy Casino
    Set up your own Frenzy Casino in this cool management game. Start your business by hiring staff wisely as you help the customers to reach their targets in the casino. Though you must work hard on three floors at the same time to reach your daily income goal. Much fun!
Governor of Poker 2
    Governor of Poker 2 is the sequel to the popular card game from Youda Games. Play Texas hold'em poker to conquer the United Staates and show them all, the Governor is not to be trifled with! Play poker against realistic opponents and become a poker star. Much fun!